Month: noviembre 2015

Fixing DB synchronization problems in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 [EN]

Sometimes when synchronizing the database in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 we get some nonsense error messages. In my example, I'm getting an error stating that it can't change the data type in a table field. But this field doesn't exists on this table, same error says that is trying to convert a data field into a field of another table... weird. ndb-sync-001 This is an indicator that we are facing an ID problem with the table and/or the table fields. Unfortunately, we don't have the proper tools to diagnose and fix this kind of problems, so we need to use dirty tricks like fixing the conflict directly in the database. Of course, what I'm describing here is not recommended at all and it comes with a huge risk of loosing data and giving more problems that the ones is trying to fix if you don't do it with care. Always test this in a dedicated test system and, if possible, try to avoid it.