AX Performance Monitor 101 – Setup Perfmon for continuous monitoring with rolling files [EN]

Windows Performance Monitor (PerfMon) is likely the most useful tool (together with our DynamicsPerf package) to monitor and diagnose performance problems related with your Microsoft Dynamics AX infrastructure and, in general, for any software running on Windows operating systems. Given its importance, is surprising how many people is not using it properly or, even worst, is not using it at all.

I will briefly explain how to setup PerfMon to collect performance counters in all servers for continuous monitoring, creating log files per day, compressing and deleting old files to minimize disk space, along with some tips and tricks during the process:

Create and configure a Data Collector Set

  • First of all open Performance Monitor either going to Administrative Tools in Windows Control Panel or searching «perfmon» in the Start menu.
  • Navigate to Data Collector Sets > User Defined > Right Click > New > Data Collector Set.
  • Choose «Create from a template» and finish the wizard. Some nice templates for all Dynamics AX server roles can be obtained as part of our DynamicsPerf download, under «DynamicsPerf 2.00\DynamicsPerf\Windows Perfmon Scripts» subfolder or as part of the PAL tool. We will talk about PAL on the next post on this series.

Read the full article at «Dynamics AX in the Field», the blog from the Premier Field Engineering team at Microsoft.

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