AX Performance Monitor 101 – Tips and tricks to deal with performance counter files [EN]

In my previous blog post, I explained how to setup Performance Monitor (PerfMon) to proactively capture performance data while cleaning old files to keep disk space under control. This is, let’s say, our ideal scenario, but sometimes setup is not that specific and we need to deal with suboptimal files that contains the performance data we need to analyze:

  • We have too many files
  • We have too few files
  • We have some huge file that makes analysis or processing it too slow
  • We have files captured in different languages

Let’s have a brief description on how we can deal with some situations by introducing a couple of small but useful tools:

PAL – Performance Analysis of Logs

PAL is a small but really useful tool created by Clint Huffman that takes one perfmon counter file and creates a nice HTML report with graphs and descriptions that can be used as starting point for performance analysis. It’s not that the tool replaces a manual in-deep analysis of any potential problem, but it helps giving some tips that can be used to start looking for something else.

Read the full article at «Dynamics AX in the Field», the blog from the Premier Field Engineering team at Microsoft.

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